Rule Book Volume III and Terrain

Hello Brickmaniacs, we are happy to announce that we released a free online version of the Official Micro Brick Battle Rule Book Volume III and the building instructions for Houses and Terrain. We plan to make a content drop on the blog on the third Wednesday of every month, which coincides with our (currently postponed) in store Open Game Nights which were (prior to COVID-19) traditionally held on the third Thursday of the month. We also expect player-created content in the forums as we continue to grow the community and welcome builders and designers to contribute to the system.

We’ve already had fans sharing their MOCs and home brewed Micro Units and it has been a blast to see what you’ve built. We can’t wait to see what you create, and hear about your games and experiences. We want to see the armies you’ve built and the scenarios you’ve created, as well as rules variants and homemade units that you’ve had on your tables. Feel free to contact us with questions and suggestions, and be a part of the future of Micro Brick Battle by joining the community today!

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