Building Your Community

Hello Brickmaniacs!

We have decided to launch this site alongside our official Micro Brick Battle Forums to give our fans and Micro Brick Battle gamers a place to come together, discuss builds, games and strategies. This community is made for you to share your creations, stories and to connect with other players and organize games, tournaments and events. This blog will be used to announce new releases and new downloads for the community, as well as give you a chance to be a part of whats next for Micro Brick Battle.

Today’s launch includes the following awesome releases:

1- The New Micro Brick Battle Forum
2- The Official Quick Play Rules
3- Scenario #1: 6 vs 6 Standard Game
4- Schematics for the M4 Sherman and Panzer III

We encourage you to give us feedback and contribute in any way that excites you so that we can develop an awesome community and provide an unparalleled experience for both veteran and new players alike! Welcome to the Blog, we can’t wait to see what you built on the Forum!

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