D-Day – Micro Brick Battle Video

On June 6, 1944, US troops and tanks landed on Omaha Beach and immediately came under fire from German forces defending the coastline. Duplex Drive (DD) Sherman tanks carried across the English Channel by landing craft such as the LCT-6 (Landing Craft Tank) had been fitted with flotation screens and propellers so they could be deployed while still in the water. This made it easier to bring more tanks across the Channel, but it was extremely difficult to make it to the beach, incurring severe casualties.

Micro Brick Battle™ is a fast-paced table top strategy game using 1:120 scale models built with LEGO® bricks. It is a turn-based game for two players (or teams) which continues until one side has completely destroyed the forces of the other (or otherwise completed an objective as set out in a given scenario). The composition of your Micro Brick Battle™ armies are completely up to you; whether you want to recreate historic battles or build an armored juggernaut of your own design.

Brickmania is a company that specializes in high-quality, custom military kits and minifigures using LEGO® and aftermarket elements. Produced by our talented animators Austin (Camera Guy) and Amanda, this animation remembers the D-Day landings that took place 75 years ago.

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