Town Siege Scenario Release


We are pleased to announce the launch of our new exclusive scenario: Town Siege.

This scenario cannot be found in any magazine or book. Designed to incorporate our new artillery units (US, British, Soviet and German), this scenario is another example of how flexible the Micro Brick Battle system is and how much fun can be had by introducing new constraints. You can build the type of siege you’d like to see and the sort of battle you are interested in playing. Make it historical, or make it personal, in either case you will be building a winner!

We plan to make regular releases on the third Wednesday of every month, in honor of the currently-postponed Micro Brick Battle Open Game Nights in our retail locations, which before the global pandemic were held on the third Thursday of the month. We hope to be able to play these scenarios with you in the stores again in the future, but for now we’d love to hear about your socially distanced games on our Micro Brick Battle Forum. If you get a chance to put this scenario to the table, be sure to visit the After Action Reports and tell us how the battle unfolded!

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