Infantry Rules Have Arrived!

This is the moment that many have been waiting for, Micro Brick Battle now has official Infantry Rules! Perfect to pair with the launch of Brick Mini products in our retail stores and online, the Micro Brick Battle Infantry Rules allow you to field troops to support your armor!

These rules are incredibly fast, fun and easily learned, like the Micro Brick Battle system in general! We’ve been playing them at the Brickmania Warehouse and we are incredibly excited to give our fans a chance to add infantry forces to their armies. Don’t worry- even if you don’t have the awesome Brick Mini Nano Soldiers, you can still use these rules with your own brick at home!

So join up with your friends! Get those scragglers back to base! We want to hear your feedback and thoughts, and we can’t wait to explore the new scenarios and expansions that these Infantry Rules will open for us!

4 thoughts on “Infantry Rules Have Arrived!

  1. When do you guys plan on releasing an updated rule book with these rules, and maybe more instructions? I’d love to get into this game, but I hate having to carry around multiple rule books.

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