King of the Hill Scenario Release and Game Nights Discord

Today we are proud to release Scenario 06 – King of the Hill and the new Discord server setup specifically for Digital Game Nights. The scenario can be played 1v1 or in free-for-all, tasking commanders to take and hold the hill in the center of the battlefield at all costs.

There are countless examples in the annals of military history of the importance of taking and keeping the high ground in any conflict, and now you can use this scenario to replay historical events or create your own and see if you have the wit and tactics to take the important position before your opponent does!

We are also steadily moving forward with our preparations for this month’s Open Game Night on September 17th, restarting our monthly Micro Brick Battle Game Nights in the Digital space while we all continue to responsibly social distance. We have created a Discord server for our fans to utilize during Digital Games. Although using Discord is not required to join us, we think it will help greatly when teaching the game and giving you the chance to interact with other Micro Brick Battle fans.

Check out the forum to learn more! Game on, Micro Brick Battlers!

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