Digital Game Assets & Escort Scenario Release

We have a monster release for you today, Micro Brick Battlers! Before the pandemic, we used to host monthly Open Game Nights in all three of our stores, and it was some of the most fun we had interacting with and playing Micro Brick Battle with our awesome fans! After we discontinued the in-store events, we have striven to give you ways to safely play Micro Brick Battle while social distancing and we’re proud to announce another part of that effort.

Today we have released our official Digital Game Assets for you to play using online programs like Our stores have created Roll20 accounts and are preparing our first Digital Open Game Night on September 17th 2020, check out the new Signup forum and try it with us!  Additionally, we have released Scenario 04 – Escort for you to play online and on the table! Take a vehicle of your choice and escort it to safety across an active battlefield! Or play the other side and capture a high-value target before they are able to escape the area of operations! 

You don’t have to be a local to participate! We welcome one and all from all corners of the globe to come and play some Micro Brick Battle with us! See you on the battlefield!

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