Quick Play Rules

Getting Started
Micro Brick Battle is played in rounds. Each round consists of two turns, one turn per play. For the first game play 6 vs 6 Scenario (link here)

– 2 six sided dice
– 1 ruler
– Each player will need their own units
– Terrain

Turn Overview:
Each turn has three phases.
A player’s turn is over when all phases have been completed.
The next player then takes their turn.

I. Movement Phase
The Active Player may move all of their units during the Movement Phase.

Movement Point (MP) Use:
Example: 8 MP = a max 8″ RADIUS

II. Declaration Phase:
The Active Player declares one shot for each tank that has a Line of Sight on a target. Multiple units may shoot at the same enemy. Once the Declaration Phase is done, no other declarations may be changed or made.

Unit Stats:
Each unit has stats that you will need to reference to play the game.

III. Shooting Phase:
The Shooting Phase starts with the left most tank that has declared a shot.

The Victory Table is used to find the minimum dice roll needed to destroy the target unit.

The active player is shooting with an M4 SHERMAN at a PANZER III. On the VICTORY TABLE we see the intersection of the M4 Sherman’s AP and the Panzer III’s DP. The active player must roll an 8 OR HIGHER on 2D6 in order to destroy the Panzer III.

Destroyed Units:
When a vehicle is destroyed, the unit model is placed on its side. Destroyed vehicles become Obstacles and cannot be moved during the battle.

First Player Rule:
The starting player must take either the Movement Phase or the Shooting Phase, not both. The following round each player will take all three phases.

The first person to destroy all of their opponents tanks wins.

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