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BrickMini’s Second Wave!

Commanders! Now is the time to get in on the second wave of the vaunted BrickMini Nano Soldiers and take your Micro Brick Built armies to the next level! Head over to BrickMini’s new Kickstarter and show them some support! We are excited to be supporting the BrickMini expansion and look forward to the fan … Continue reading BrickMini’s Second Wave!

Stat Cards On Deck!

Micro Brick Commanders, for the first time ever you can now get your hands on the complete set of Micro Brick Battle Stat Cards! Fast track your gameplay with MBB Stat Cards from Brickmania! With nearly 60 vehicles (plus 4 blank cards for units of your own) you can ditch the books and put the … Continue reading Stat Cards On Deck!

Battle of Kursk Scenario Release!

We are excited to announce the release of our Battle of Kursk Scenario, first seen in Brickmania Magazine #23! Using the King of the Hill Scenario rules, this battle recreates the iconic clash between the Germans and the Russians at a critical junction during the War in the East. Download the scenario, assemble your forces … Continue reading Battle of Kursk Scenario Release!

Infantry Rules Have Arrived!

This is the moment that many have been waiting for, Micro Brick Battle now has official Infantry Rules! Perfect to pair with the launch of Brick Mini products in our retail stores and online, the Micro Brick Battle Infantry Rules allow you to field troops to support your armor! These rules are incredibly fast, fun … Continue reading Infantry Rules Have Arrived!


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